Empirical Analytics



Practice Areas

Economic and statistical consulting for complex litigation, valuation, and business strategy.

Antitrust Issues

We advise on a wide range of issues including per se violations of the Sherman Act such as price-fixing, other violations of the Sherman and Clayton Acts, as well as as competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions.  One of our key areas of expertise deals with the Robinson Patman Act issues.  We provide expert analysis and testimony on Robinson Patman damages and well as matters dealing with the Morton Salt presumption.  Recent matters involving the Robinson Patman Act on which we have been engaged include J.D. Fields v. Nucor, Cellular Cellutions v. AT&T, and Western Convenience Stores v. Suncor.  We have advised on antitrust matters in industries including: mainframes/servers, industrial silicon, flat glass, commercial tissue, vitamins, hospital mergers, and many others. We have presented our findings not only in the United States but also before the European Commission.

A sample of the Individual cases on which we have consulted includes:

In Re Industrial Silicon Antitrust Litigation

In Re Vitamins Antitrust Litigation

In Re Flat Glass Antitrust Litigation

In Re Contact Lens Antitrust Litigation

In Re Commercial Tissue Products

Western Convenience Stores v. Suncor

Cellular Cellutions v. AT&T

J.D. Fields v. Nucor

and others.

Employment Issues

We have provided analysis for various clients on matters involving employment discrimination, wage and hour, and other FLSA issues.  We have been involved in developing statistical analyses for employment discrimination matters for clients such as Morgan Stanley, American Express, and Oracle.  We have performed FLSA wage and hour analyses for firms such as Stericycle, and URS in many states including California, Utah, Oregon, and others.  

Financial Issues

We are regularly engaged by both commercial clients and accounting or consulting firms to provide rigorous statistical analysis required by auditors in order to value derivatives, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), stock options, contingent obligations, as well as other complex financial instruments.  We have worked with audit firms including Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, Tanner, Mantyla & McReynolds, KPMG, and others.  Our commercial valuation clients include Energy Solutions, MonaVie, Headwaters, Black Diamond, American Sands, Richfield Oil, Black Horse Resources, JamesonStanford, and many others.  We have also been engaged to value loan portfolios and to determine probabilities of default.

Housing Sector Analysis

We maintain a database of over 50 million properties in the United States, including characteristic data, sales transaction data, assessment values, and other key factors.  We leverage this database to provide analysis on right-of-way issues, property valuation, and other engagements.  We have also valued large commercial and residential assets using statistical techniques such as hedonic analysis.  We have published our findings in both the International Right-of-Way Magazine and the Appraisal Journal.

Healthcare Analysis

We have developed predictive models for outcomes for Department of Defense hospitals, analyzed sampling designs for the U.S. Department of the Navy, as well as provided expert analysis and testimony on medical billing matters for various clients such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California and Tenet Healthcare.  We have also been engaged to evaluate potential benefits to outcomes from merging hospital practices.  

Other Services

We apply quantitative analysis in dealing with statistical and economic issues in many other areas, such as intellectual property issues in online advertising, sampling analysis for hospital billing, evaluating sampling techniques used by utilities, providing statistical support for non-compete agreements, and many others.